Gemmes Workshops

Gemmes has built its educational programmes around innovative and interactive workshops, inspired by its four main pillars: Introspection, Inspiration, Action, and the Arts.

All these workshops are both independent and complementary, with different combinations possible.

Each workshop is between 6 and 10 hours long, and each format includes an ice-breaking time (1 hour at the beginning) and a closing session with a debrief and a final bonding time through the arts (1 hour at the end of the camp).

Gemmes camps are intended for young people between 12 and 24 years old, and are divided by age group. They can be organized between 1 and 5 days during school time, extracurricular time or during the vacations. They are offered both :

Les camps Gemmes peuvent être organisés sur un à cinq jours durant le temps scolaire, périscolaire ou les vacances.

The programs are offered both: 
  • Onsite
  • Online on the Zoom platform, a process already successfully tested (find out more)

“Building courage in me” workshop

To help participants get to know themselves better, identify their values and build more courage, confidence, self-compassion and empathy.

Each session deals with a new theme, introduced by the coach. The various concepts are then explored through individual and collective exercises and discussion in small groups or in the plenary. Workshop based on the research of Brené Brown.

8 hours, 6 thematics 

  • "Courage"
  • "Understanding shame"
  • "Knowing your values"
  • "Practicing empathy"
  • "Practicing self-compassion"
  • "Building trust-based relationships"

"The World and Me” Workshop

To encourage participants to think about their place in the world, and the role they can play in improving their environment.

Each session deals with a new social issue. The participants are invited to question themselves through discussions, games and sharing of experiences. The session concludes with a review of positive solutions that can be applied at their level.

5 sessions of 2 hours, 5 thematics 

  • "Internal and external prejudice"
  • "Privileges"
  • "Inclusion and unity"
  • "Justice"
  • "Positive impact"

"Videos for change" Workshop

To produce an inspiring one-minute video in a small group in order to raise individual and collective awareness on a specific social issue.

Participants will:

• Find a social issue that inspires all the members of the group

• Learn how to suggest solutions on this issue rather than simply highlighting the problems

• Turn ideas into action

• Foster their creativity and courage (for those who film themselves)

• Organise themselves as a group, share tasks and search for information

• Learn about new tools and ways of expressing themselves

• Follow a rigorous process to produce a good and inspiring video

Each group is coached in choosing a theme and an angle of approach. Participants are guided and assisted by an animator but are encouraged to organize themselves independently. 

 At the end of the programme, the videos are presented to their families during a joint screening session on Zoom in preview.  

10 sessions of 50 minutes

Sessions 1 - 2 - 3:

• Choice of a theme and developing the message

Sessions 4 - 5:

• Creation of the storyboard and introduction to filming

Sessions 6:

• Guide to finding information

Sessions 7 - 8 - 9:

• Defining roles and creating content

Sessions 10:

• Finishing the editing with the Gemmes editor

"Urban poetry" Workshop

To express and incorporate societal issues in an artistic language.

The programme is adapted to the participants’ level.

During the first sessions, the participants work on poetry writing and expression. The approach is both individual and collective. The texts are then set to music and recorded for broadcast to their families at the end of the programme.

10 sessions of 50 minutes

• Stage 1: Writing sessions

• Stage 2: Rehearsal and setting to music

"Musical" Workshop

To express and incorporate societal issues in an artistic language.

This workshop is based on three art forms: singing, dancing and acting.

• A script written by Gemmes brings to life some of the concepts discussed in the other workshops.

• Each art form is used in the story and integrated to create a complete musical.

• Each participant records sequences (acting, song, dance).

• Gemmes produces the final cut of the musical, which will be previewed in an online screening with families.

Participants can choose between dancing or singing, and the programme is adapted to different levels. For singing, vocal coaching is organised in small groups. For dance, two levels are offered: beginners and advanced.

6 hours

• 2 sessions of improvisational theater

2 dance sessions or 2 singing sessions in smalls groups (to be chosen)s (au choix)  

1 recording session 


The price of each camp depends on its duration, the chosen workshops, the number of necessary animators and the location.

At Gemmes, we do not want price to be a barrier to participation. If necessary, Gemmes can subsidize certain institutions or participants who cannot afford to pay the full cost of the workshops.

To request a quotation, contact us at: 

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