Educational team

The Gemmes workshops are run by a strong educational team, composed of animators and specialised facilitators. Depending on the nature of the workshops chosen, as well as the number, age range and location of the participants, a group of animators and facilitators is selected, based on the synergy of the most appropriate profiles and skills. In addition to their backgrounds in education, animation or the arts, each animator receives a full cycle of Gemmes training (30 to 35 hours) to prepare them for all aspects of workshop facilitation. Some of them have also received additional coaching training.

At Gemmes, we work to serve young people, and we also value working with them: that is why this animation team is made up entirely of motivated young adults. Furthermore, beyond their skills, it allows them to connect very easily with their audience.


The team of animators is made up of a range of profiles and talents, united by a deep desire to build a better world, and an unconditional faith in the immense potential of youth.


Mélanie has a State Diploma in Specialised Education. She has six years’ experience in animation and accompanying groups of children and adolescents, in France and abroad. She is passionate about human relationships, travelling and music. She likes to focus her time on young people. Her main qualities are dynamism, listening skills, and ability to adapt and to bond. Mélanie is also the coordinator of Gemmes’ educational programmes.

"Every day, I develop my qualities of humility and accompaniment to help young people take their place. To feel that we are all taking part together in making this world a better place is one of the most beautiful feelings for me."


Marie is a teacher of Modern Literature and the Study and Practice of Cinema and Audiovisual Media for young people aged 11 to 20. She has ten years’ experience in animation and coordination of educational activities for children and teenagers. She has practised various art forms since childhood, such as dance, theatre, writing, and music composition. She is passionate about pedagogy, ethics and artistic expression. Her main qualities are sociability, patience, commitment and boldness.

"I have been fortunate to be raised in a variety of cultures that have taught me how much diversity and unity are interdependent. I am keen to share and experience this vision at my own level."


Mathieu has a degree in Education Science, as well as several courses in psychotherapy and art therapy. He holds a Certificate of Competence as an Animator (Brevet d’Aptitude aux Fonctions d’Animateur -- BAFA) and has 12 years’ experience in animation with teenagers. Mathieu is also an accomplished artist, singer, poet, comedian, dancer, actor and storyteller. He is passionate about martial arts, health and education. His main qualities are curiosity, discernment, compassion and creativity. Mathieu is also a Gemmes facilitator.

"I discovered Gemmes on social media, and I spontaneously wanted to contribute, simply because I share this belief that a better world is already here, asleep, like a genie in the lamp of youth."


Laurent has a Master's degree in teaching, education and training. He has seven years’ experience in animating activities for children and youth, and experience in organizing multigenerational theatre activities. He has a passion for writing and performing. His main qualities are open-mindedness, sociability, eloquence and empathy.

"Theatre has helped me a lot in my social relations and in the awareness of my potential. I enjoy sharing these tools today to help young people gain self-confidence."


Claire has a degree in Social Sciences and is studying singing and piano. She has nine years’ experience in animation and working with groups of children and teenagers. She has also been involved in various artistic projects abroad for several years. She is passionate about art and sport, and enjoys dancing, hiking and climbing. Her main qualities are creativity, commitment, dynamism and generosity.

"I believe that society truly makes sense when we uncover the unique treasures, we all hold, and humbly offer them to the world, remaining amazed by their diversity and complementarity."


Coraline has a Master's degree in Marketing Communication and Culture. She has eight years’ experience in animating projects for children and teenagers, which she has practised in several associations. She is passionate about writing, photography, travel and ecology, and has been a member of a theatre group for several years. Her main qualities are sensitivity, curiosity, versatility and inventiveness. Coraline is also in charge of communication at Gemmes.

"My many travels have greatly broadened my horizons, developed my connection to the world and to those who share it. I am happy to be able to help young people find their place in the world."


Loïse has a Bachelor's degree in Architecture and is studying for a Bachelor's degree in Communication Management. She has been part of a theatre association since childhood, and has seven years' experience in leading youth projects. She likes climbing, photography, writing and design. Her main qualities are creativity, versatility, interpersonal skills and graphic sense.

"As a child, I was lucky enough to grow up accompanied by an association that offered me a space for reflection and creativity, and which instilled strong values in me. I want to be able to offer the same thing to others."


Yoanna works in a high school as an educational assistant. She has a Certificate of Competence as an Animator (Brevet d’Aptitude aux Fonctions d’Animateur -- BAFA), specialising in working with teenagers. She has four years’ experience in animation for children and teenagers in after-school activities and in summer camps. She is passionate about dance, which she has been practising for ten years, travelling and nature. Her main qualities are imagination, dynamism, positivity and a sense of sharing.

"Clemenceau said 'One’s life is a work of art'. Art and my life are intertwined, and I hope to be able to share and transmit this 'art of living' to many, because it is very liberating! "


Nathanaël is currently studying for a degree in Economics and Management. He has four years’ experience in animation for children and teenagers in summer camps and youth camps. He has been practicing music and singing since he was a child, and co-founded a music label. He is also passionate about sports and writing. His main qualities are a sense of responsibility, creativity, benevolence and liveliness.

"The accumulation of good deeds, even the smallest ones, can have a big impact. It is with this idea in mind that I try to do my best every day."


Depending on the specific needs of each workshop, the Gemmes team of animators also collaborates with specialized facilitators.


Christi has been a professional coach since 2010, after a career in communication. In 2020, she also founded her own coaching training company: Awaken Coach Institute. She holds numerous coaching certifications including ICF-MCC credential, ICF-Registered Mentor Coach, Daring Greatly™ and Dare to Lead™ Facilitator. Christi has lived in the United States, Belgium, France, Kenya, Liberia and the Ivory Coast. She has trained hundreds of new coaches -- in French and English -- and has mentored dozens of coaches in training. In addition to her coaching experience, she has worked in management positions in various international companies and humanitarian organisations. Christi is passionate about kayaking, reading, and walking in the countryside. Her greatest qualities are courage, humour, and caring.

"I want to offer young people spaces where they can be themselves and develop the courage they have within them. May the youth move forward with a light spirit and with their feet firmly planted in life!"


Mathieu is an artist, therapist and trainer. He has a degree in Education Sciences and has received further relevant training in a range of fields, notably: Non-Violent Communication (NVC), Psychotherapy, Art therapy, Philosophical workshops (SEVE), and IFS (Internal Family Systems) Relational Intelligence. He is the author, composer and performer of several music titles, author of a book of poetry and has created his own show. He has been leading artistic workshops (rap, slam, storytelling, song) for over 12 years, and is involved in NVC with secondary school students at Harmony School and for the Fondation “Acteur de Mon Avenir”.  Mathieu is also an Eloquentia trainer for different audiences (trainers, students, high school students and other groups). Outside of education and the arts, he is passionate about martial arts and health. His greatest qualities are curiosity, compassion and creativity. Mathieu is also an animator at Gemmes.

"Through art and teaching, every day I explore ways to foster harmony, progress, knowledge, and beauty. This approach is my way of contributing to the betterment of society."


Léa is passionate about music, and practises singing and piano. She studied classical music at the conservatory and has been working as a choral accompanist for five years. She has a Bachelor's degree in Visual Communication and a Master's degree in Interactive Design, which allows her to practice her other passion, drawing, by leading comic strip workshops with teenagers. Léa is also a keen horse-rider. Her main qualities are versatility, flexibility and patience.

"Being able to share my passions with others is what is most rewarding for me, and I look forward to every opportunity!"