“It all begins with the spark to change the world around us…”

“It all begins with the spark to

change the world around us…”

The SPARKS workshops serve to generate meaningful discussions among young people and invite them to reflect both on themselves and on their interactions with society.

These workshops are designed to be organized independently by schools or other organizations that work with young people aged 12-18.

For this purpose, SPARKS has created educational kits, each consisting of:

 • one short documentary (inspiring story) to launch the workshop, 

 • one handbook for educators to guide its implementation,

 • a training towards the use of the SPARKS tools (2 hours online).


  • Inspire participants through stories of young people across the world, in order to widen their understanding of key social issues and of the potential of youth to address them.
  • Create a safe space for open and constructive conversations amongst youth, where they can practice active listening and further develop a sense of belonging to the group.  
  • Open the minds of participants to diverse social and cultural realities.  
  • Help youth become more aware of their capabilities as individuals and as a group, and the various ways in which they can have a positive impact on society.  
  • Assist participants to take concrete steps for the betterment of their communities. 

SPARKS episodes


SPARKS is a series of short documentaries (between four and five minutes) about lives of inspiring young people around the world. Each episode highlights the personal transformation experienced by a young person during a time of crisis, and how they became agents of change for their community.


The SPARKS episodes are being filmed in five countries by five female directors.


The series tells the stories of ten young people, from different social settings, backgrounds and cultures, who have all decided to contribute, in their own way, to a better world. Each episode deals with a different theme.



It is a medium that is very popular with teenagers, especially in short format, and that captures their attention. It is also the best way for young protagonists to tell their own stories, and to connect directly with other young people.  

 Starting a workshop with a SPARKS episode quickly connects young people to another reality, and allows the discussion to flourish. The positive emotions created by the video become a source of inspiration, and encourage youth to act, withing their own circumstances, for the common good. 


Handbooks for educators

Each SPARKS episode is accompanied by a handbook for educators. 


The handbooks are intended for teachers or youth workers who want to use innovative tools. The content of the kits is adapted to young people between 12 and 18 years old.


Each booklet is developed around two main concepts or values in relation to the episode in the kit. The content is designed to generate both personal and collective reflections, both on societal themes and on the positive impact that each individual is capable of. Several tools are used to stimulate these reflections: questions, experiments, group projects, etc.  

 The themes of the first four educational kits are as follows:  

  • Kit 1 :  Empathy and Responsibility (available) 
  • Kit 2 :  Social Justice and Solidarity (available) 
  • Kit 3 :  Resilience and Collaboration (available in May 2022) 
  • Kit 4 :  Identity and Inclusion (available in May 2022) 

 The kits are available in both English and French.


One handbook allows for approximately 4 hours of workshop time (2 x 2 hours). It is designed to be easily adaptable to the time available to the workshop facilitator and can be split into several sessions.  

Throughout the kit, specific guidance is provided to help set up the workshops and suggest some key ideas to bring out. As a bonus, proposals have been added to transform certain experiences into long-term service projects. 


Educators can purchase the SPARKS educational kits through a license agreement with Gemmes. The price of the license depends on the number of students.

The purchase of a SPARKS license also includes a remote training of two hours by the Gemmes team. The training covers the use of the educational kit as well as the creation of the most conducive environment for a SPARKS workshop.



For more information, please contact us at:

The SPARKS team of directors/producers

The SPARKS team of directors/producers is composed of six women who share a united vision of human connection, beauty, community and youth empowerment. This international team brings vast experience, unique talents and keen awareness of contemporary challenges and opportunities to the project. The directors offer a diversity of styles for each episode, while maintaining coherence throughout the series based on their common goal of highlighting positivity and transformation in times of crisis.

Jill Coulon

Executive producer SPARKS & Director, France

Jill wears many hats – as a director, producer, camerawoman and editor – and her films have won international awards. She enjoys portraying ordinary people doing extraordinary things. She leads the SPARKS team of directors.

Félicia Sobhani

Director, United States

Felicia is an independent filmmaker, documentarian and multi-disciplinary artist, with a passion for social transformation.

Allison Swank

Director, South Africa

Allison is an award-winning documentary filmmaker whose work is grounded in a passion for sharing stories that empower and amplify.

Geetika Narang Abbasi

Director, India

Geetika is an independent filmmaker whose films have won awards at several international festivals. Climate and societal change are recurrent themes in her work.

Jeni Lee

Director, Australia

Jeni is a documentary filmmaker. Mixing several styles, she uses storytelling to connect people and catalyse change.

Olivia Cheung

Producer, Australia

Olivia is a television producer. She produces short films ranging from documentaries, through music videos, to global advertising campaigns. Olivia collaborates with Jeni on the Australian episodes of SPARKS.


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