The Gemmes educational team

Gemmes workshops are delivered by a diverse educational team. Depending on the nature of the workshops, number of participants, age group, and location, a specific group of animators is mobilized according to the synergy of profiles and skills needed.

In addition to their respective backgrounds in education, facilitation, or the arts, each animator undergoes a cycle of Gemmes training. Some have also received additional coaching training.

At Gemmes, we work in service of youth, and we also pride ourselves in working alongside them. Thus our educational team is largely composed of young adults who, in addition to their skills, easily connect with their audience.


Mathieu is an artist, therapist, and trainer. In addition to holding a BAFA certification, he has a degree in Educational Sciences and has completed various additional training programs, including Nonviolent Communication (NVC), Psychotherapy, Art Therapy, Philosophical Workshops (SEVE), Internal Family Systems (IFS), and Neuroscience. He is also a singer-songwriter with several music titles and a collection of poetry to his name. Mathieu has created his own show and has been conducting artistic workshops for many years. He also teaches NVC to middle school students and is a trainer for Éloquentia, working with various adult and adolescent audiences. Apart from education and the arts, Mathieu is passionate about martial arts and health.

"When I discovered Gemmes, I wanted to contribute right away because I share the belief that a better world is already here, asleep like a genie in the lamp of youth."


Marie is a High School Teacher in Modern Literature. She has many years of experience in organizing educational activities for children and adolescents. Marie is passionate about education and artistic expression, and she has practiced dance, theater, writing, and music composition since childhood.

"I have had the privilege of growing up amongst diverse cultures, which taught me how interdependent ‘diversity’ and ‘unity’ truly are. I am committed to helping others experience this vision."


Amin is a psychomotor therapist, facilitator, and artist. He is trained in Patient Therapeutic Education and works in a mental health center for children and adolescents. For several years, he has also been leading activities for children and adolescents in schools and around his neighborhood, helping them be aware of their own principles and values in their everyday choices and form lasting bonds with their community. As a passionate artist and the author of a debut rap album, Amin also uses music as a means of change, co-creating rap songs with strong messages with young people.

"I enjoy learning how to create an enabling environment that allows everyone to emancipate themselves from their circumstances, develop their abilities, and use them for the benefit of humanity."


Loïse is a graphic designer and aspiring artisan. She studied architecture, communication, graphic design, and eco-construction, and has more than ten years of experience guiding children and adolescents. Besides design in all its forms, Loïse enjoys rock climbing and photography. She has also been a part of a theater troupe since childhood.

"As a child, I had the privilege of growing up with an association that gave me space for reflection and creativity, and instilled strong values in me. I would like to be able to offer the same to others."


Claire is a singer-songwriter and music teacher. She holds a degree in Social Sciences and has studied singing and piano. Claire initiates and participates in various artistic projects in France and internationally. She also has ten years of experience in providing specialized support to groups of children and adolescents. Besides music, she is passionate about dance, and anything related to nature and humanity.

"I believe that society makes sense when we unearth the unique treasures that we all possess and humbly offer them to the world, remaining in awe of their diversity and complementarity."


Yoanna is a budding specialized educator. She resumed her studies after several years of working as an educational assistant in a high school and as a classical and contemporary dance teacher. She holds a BAFA and has trained in dance theater and performance. Yoanna has several years of experience in leading activities for children and adolescents in extracurricular and settings outside of school. As a passionate artist, she also enjoys traveling and connecting with nature.  

"Clemenceau said, 'a life is a work of art.' Art and my life intertwine, and I hope to share and transmit this 'art of living' to many because it's liberating!"


Carole is a consultant, facilitator, and project manager in the field of education. After studying and initially working in commerce and marketing, she worked in International Development and Humanitarian Aid, coordinating projects providing access to clean water and education. In 2016, Carole trained as a "Peace Mediator" and followed the AWAYKE Training, allowing her to facilitate workshops on self-awareness, personal development, and growth. She is also passionate about music, dance, and scuba diving.

"I am convinced of the essential role of education in the world, and I provide tools that enable young people to develop themselves and find balance between their personal fulfillment and their role in society."


Coraline holds a Master's Degree in Marketing Communication and Culture and has studied in several different countries. With a BAFA (French official certification for the facilitation of youth camps), Coraline has many years of experience with various associations in organizing projects for children and adolescents focused on promoting self-awareness, community living, and ecological awareness. Coraline used to be in charge of educational projects and communication at Gemmes. She is passionate about social sciences, personal development, and health, and she also enjoys exploring theater and writing.

"My extensive travels have broadened my horizons and developed my connection to the world and those who share it. I am happy to be able to help young people find their place in it"