The SPARKS training team

The SPARKS training is designed for teachers who wish to conduct SPARKS workshops for young people aged 12-18.

The training team consists of experienced facilitators with diverse backgrounds, cultures, and expertise. They all share a common vision for youth, a passion for personal and collective transformation tools, and a shared aspiration to build a better world through education. They are all trained in the SPARKS educational approach and can work with schools both in France and internationally.


Sandie has been guiding individuals on their transformation journeys for almost as long as she can remember. She initially worked in communication roles in large corporations and media, where she helped leaders and managers with their public speaking and team interactions. In 2009, she founded "Chemin Faisant" and expanded her activities to include career transitions and education. She works with young people and adults to encourage them to think for themselves, helping them reconnect with their hopes and commitments in life. Sandie is also passionate about Ayurvedic medicine, leading her to explore healthy eating and daily yoga practice.

"I also want to improve the quality of human relationships within educational institutions and to support educational teams in opening up new possibilities for exploring young people's potential."


Krisztina is a teacher, trainer, and facilitator. She holds a degree in Business Administration and a Master's in Education Sciences. For years, she has been guiding young people and educational professionals in conflict resolution and promoting cooperation and respect in relationships. She is involved in educational projects in correctional facilities and participates in European initiatives. Krisztina is passionate about human nature and neuroscience, and she enjoys reading, cycling, and hiking in nature.

"My dream is to build caring and respectful communities where everyone can access their best selves. This place of safety enables young people to gain confidence and tap into their inner wealth."


Pierre is a coach, entrepreneur, and the Chairman of the Board of Directors at Gemmes. He initially worked at McKinsey & Company for about twenty years, advising top executives. Discovering a passion for personal and professional development, he trained in coaching and facilitation before founding Leadership Inside, a company specializing in leadership development, offering services ranging from executive coaching and holistic development programs. In his free time, Pierre enjoys playing the piano, badminton, and hiking.

"Self-awareness is the essential condition for progress and personal transformation. What could be more relevant than equipping young people, starting from their adolescence, with these introspective skills? By helping them become aware of their ways of being and encouraging them to author their lives, we can unleash an unexpected potential for positive transformation in society."


Tania is a Professor of Psychology and a Consultant for the United Nations, International Committee of the Red Cross, and the United States Agency for International Development. She has taught and facilitated trainings across Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and the United States. Tania holds a PhD in Psychology from Oxford University and has published widely on forgiveness, empathy, and trust. She has worked with groups around the world, and loves engaging with new people and ideas. Outside of work, she loves to sing and do improvisational acting.

"What really makes me happy is connecting with others. I love meeting new people, engaging in empowering discussions, and seeing the Spark come alive in people."


Philippine is a personal and leadership development coach, facilitator, and trainer. She holds a master's degree in Italian Language and Literature and worked for ten years in corporate communication for multinational companies. In 2001, she became a professional coach and is now a trainer and assessor for coaches. Her passion, both in work and life, is to help people become the best version of themselves so they can contribute their talents, ideas, and knowledge to their communities.  

"Set your intention, and the universe will provide what you need. I've used this mantra with my three children to help them become responsible adults who have a positive impact on our world. I believe this mantra will serve our work with Gemmes, helping young people choose to become who they want to be."


Ayça is a facilitator and trainer who has been working with students and professionals since 2010 on topics such as intercultural management, negotiation, communication (Interactifs® discipline), organizational behavior, and collective intelligence. She is trained and certified in Funny Learning® (pedagogical approaches based on neuroscience) and the 4 Colors® method (behavioral styles in organizations, based on the work of Jung and Marston). All her interventions aim at fostering exchange and mutual understanding to enhance agility and ensure performance with kindness. Ayça is also passionate about hiking in the great outdoors, reading, and traveling.

"Every brain is unique, and every person learns differently. Pedagogy must be adaptive, considering emotions, powerful memory fixers, and the body's needs"


Philippe is a coach for executives and teams. After studying engineering and philosophy, he led the Apple Education Division. He now helps leaders and groups take a more conscious approach to leadership, helping them to question their mental models, beliefs, and worldviews, and to take responsibility for their impact on others and their environment. Philippe is also passionate about illusionism and magic and is a member of the "Magic on Purpose" group which aims to use magic for bigger causes than just entertainment. He claims that the first coach was a magician – Merlin – who accompanied one of the first legendary leaders – Arthur – on his quest for self-discovery.

"I love this quote by Jung: 'Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakens.'"


Olivia is a facilitator for children and adolescents. With a background in the biotech industry, she worked for over a decade for a major cosmetics company. Driven by a passion for humanity, education, and self-awareness, she made a career change in 2020 and trained to work in the field of education (TADAM, Au cœur de l’Enfant). She now helps children and adolescents better understand themselves through workshops. She is also passionate about yoga, the creative arts, and nature.

"I embarked on a journey of self-discovery at the age of 35, and it changed my life. Since then, I’ve wanted to help children and adolescents better know themselves, reconnect with their inner resources and joy, and identify what motivates them to live a life that truly reflects who they are."


Charlène is a project manager, facilitator, and trainer. After studying human resources at university, she specialized in guiding young people towards a more sustainable future. With several years of experience in creating pedagogical material, she has provided trainings to companies and NGO staff and facilitated collective intelligence workshops. She has also provided experiential education to children and adolescents, leading outdoor activities aimed at strengthening social skills. Beyond her passion for human development, Charlène is passionate about dance, yoga, and outdoor activities.

"What excites me about participating in SPARKS is the idea of helping younger generations discover their true potential. I believe that self-confidence and hope are keys to building a more sustainable and equitable future."


Coraline is the Head of Educational Projects and Communication at Gemmes. She holds a Master's Degree in Communication and Culture and has studied in several different countries. After an extensive period of back-pack travels abroad, she decided to dedicate herself to education and well-being. Coraline has many years of experience in setting up NGO projects for children and adolescents that focus on self-awareness, community living, and the environment. She is passionate about the social sciences, personal development, and health, and she also enjoys theater and writing.

"I aspire to a culture of well-being. Not just hedonism but a culture that comes from a better connection to oneself and what gives you meaning. It naturally emerges with better relationships, more social intelligence, trust, and awareness. It develops through greater solidarity, courage, and commitment to something larger than oneself. And that's what Gemmes instills."

The SPARKS team of film directors

Each SPARKS kit consists of an educational booklet and an episode of the SPARKS mini-documentary series. Each episode reveals the personal transformation of a youth and how, in times of crisis, he or she became a positive agent of change in their communities. These young people come from very different backgrounds and different places around the world.

The SPARKS team of film directors is composed of five women from different cultural backgrounds and diverse styles, all with the same vision of human connection, beauty, community, and the role of youth. These talented artists have a common goal of showcasing the possibilities of positive transformation during times of crisis and how young people can embrace their potential with courage, autonomy, and civic responsibility.

Jill Coulon 

Jill is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and camerawoman. She works in both television and cinema and directs the SPARKS filmmaking team.

Félicia Sobhani
United States 

Felicia is an independent filmmaker, documentary filmmaker, and multidisciplinary artist with a passion for social transformation.

Allison Swank
South Africa 

Geetika is an independent filmmaker whose films have received recognition at international festivals. Climate and societal changes are recurring themes in her work.  

Geetika Narang Abbasi

Geetika is an independent filmmaker whose films have won awards at international festivals. Climate and societal changes are recurrent themes in her work. 

Jeni Lee

Jeni is a documentary filmmaker with a diverse portfolio, including animated documentaries, social documentaries, multi-platform projects, and community collaborations.

Olivia Cheung

Olivia is a television producer who creates short films ranging from documentaries to music videos and global advertising campaigns. She has also worked on television series and feature films. Olivia collaborates with Jeni on the Australian episodes of SPARKS.  

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