Our camps

Gemmes camps are one- to five-day interactive workshops for young people aged 12 to 24. They provide an opportunity to explore a number of themes, enabling them to better understand themselves as individuals and as part of a group, to analyze their environments, and to become agents of change for the collective well-being.

Our workshops have been developed around four main pillars: Introspection, Inspiration, Action and Arts.


Why Introspection ?

Before you can understand the outside world, you need to understand what is happening inside yourself.

In our society, we generally work the opposite way round: first we learn about a subject, or how to do a job, or the way the world works, and only much later do some people start a process of “personal development”. As a result, opportunities for introspection are often offered or adapted exclusively to adults.

However, self-knowledge ought to be an integral part of learning offered to young people, especially during such a crucial and complex period as adolescence.

Why Inspiration ?

Inspiration feeds our interaction with the world and gives us momentum. Inspiration starts by looking at and connecting with what is around us.

Then we try to understand, analyse, and feel what clicks with us: observing what disturbs us, what excites us, what we would like to change, what we would like to participate in.

Why Action ?

Wanting change and imagining it are important steps. However, we need to be able to move on to achieving real and collective change, each at his or her own level, in order to live it fully.

If the Gemmes workshops offer keys to transforming young people’s ideas into action, you are already becoming active by participating in the program.

Why Arts ?

The arts are at the heart of the Gemmes programs because they links concepts together and illustrate them in a different and often more accessible way. The arts help participants to connect with their emotions, and to express them to convey a stronger message.

The arts also stimulate our thinking in a different way, calling on our imagination and creativity. It is also a call to action, moving us forward and transforming an idea or message into reality.

Last but not least, artistic activities are a time of unity and shared joy.

Format and workshops

Gemmes camps are designed for young people aged between 12 and 24 and are divided into age groups.  

All our workshops are both independent and complementary, with different combinations possible. Each workshop lasts between 3 and 10 hours, and each formula includes an ice-breaking time at the beginning and a time for assessment and artistic sharing at the end. Depending on the context, it is also possible to intervene for a single workshop or to adapt their duration.

Gemmes camps can be organized over one to five days during school, extracurricular or vacation time. They are organized in collaboration with schools or youth organizations (MJCs, hostels, leisure centers, etc.) in France and Switzerland.

“Building courage in me” workshop

The workshop is divided into several themes, presented at the start of the session. Each notion is then worked on in plenary or in small groups through individual and collective reflection exercises.

L’atelier est découpé en plusieurs thématiques, présentées en début de session. Chaque notion est ensuite travaillée en plénière ou en petits groupes grâce à des exercices de réflexion individuels et collectifs.

Full format: 8 to 10 hours. Short format: 3 hours.

  • "Defining courage"
  • "Identifying my core values"
  • "Understanding shame"
  • "Practicing self-compassion"
  • "Developing empathy"
  • "Building relationships of trust"

"The World and Me” Workshop

Encourage participants to question their place in the world, and the role they can play in improving their environment.

Each session tackles a new social issue. Participants are invited to question themselves through discussion, games and the sharing of experiences. The session concludes with the construction of positive solutions that can be applied at their own level.
8 to 10 hours per pair of themes.
  • "Empathy and Responsibility"
  • "Social Justice and Solidarity"
  • "Identity and Inclusion"
  • "Resilience and Collaboration"

"Video for change" Workshop

In a small group, produce an inspiring one-minute video to raise individual and collective awareness of a social issue.

Each participant is asked to :

• Find a theme that interests and inspires all group members

• Learn to be a source of positive solutions in line with the chosen theme

• Transform their thoughts into action, cultivating creativity and courage

• Learn to organize as a group

• Learn to search for information

• Learn new tools and different ways of expressing yourself

Each group is supported in its choice of theme and approach. Participants are guided and assisted by a facilitator, but encouraged to organize themselves independently.

8 to 10 hours. 
• Choice of theme and construction of message

• Storyboard creation and introduction to filming

• Guide to finding information

• Defining roles and creating content

• Finishing editing with the Gemmes video editor

"Slam poetry" Workshop

To express and embody societal themes in an artistic language.

The program is adapted to the level of participants. During the first sessions, participants are encouraged to work on poetic writing and expression. The approach is both individual and collective. The texts are then set to music, and recorded for the creation of a unique collective piece.

8 to 10 hours.

• Exercices ludiques d’écriture et création
• Training in declamation
• Recording and setting to music

Gemmes animators including one specialized in slam poetry.


The price of a camp depends on its duration, the workshops chosen, the number of animators required and the location.

At Gemmes, we don't want price to be a barrier to participation. If necessary, Gemmes can subsidize certain partenrs who are unable to pay the full cost of the workshops.